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Gifting On A Whole New Level

Beyond The Note

We are a team of creatives dedicated to helping our business partners be purposeful when interacting with prospects, clients, partners, and employees through thoughtful gifting experiences. We thrive on building out innovative ideas featuring hand-curated combinations of unique and locally sourced products, personal touches, and timely delivery methods. Most importantly, we intend to help you leave a lasting impression on each recipient.


Milestone & Celebratory



Our Story

Once upon a time, a group of marketing and business professionals had an idea about ways to creatively enhance business relationships through a thoughtful and purposeful gift or experience. 

As we individually progressed through our personal and professional lives we found great joy in surprising friends, family, and co-workers with thoughtful gifts, handwritten notes, or just a perfectly timed cup of coffee. 

We felt a responsibility to help others implement this mindset into their business models. After all, relationships reign supreme now more than ever. 

This unwavering desire of doing things differently led us to start something different and ah la – Beyond The Note Gifts is born. 

Our goal is simple, to create an experience with every gift that is purposefully curated and assembled through our team while instilling excitement and commitment to doing things differently and operating with vision and purpose moving forward. 

So far, so good.

Our Approach

We ask leaders to step away from checking the proverbial box when it comes to gift-giving and join us as we accelerate you toward a strategic approach fostering a feeling of wow and appreciation by the recipients. Organizations that execute this approach correctly will distance themselves from their competitors, strengthen internal teams, and cultivate relationships built on understanding, care, and shared success.

Our mission is simple, to create and execute unforgettable gifting opportunities that fit snugly into the overall marketing objective for our client. 


Doing a good job takes time. However, we work hard to make the process as efficient as possible. Here is a high-level overview, but give us a call to chat through the details. Is time of the essence for your project? Don’t wait another second – send us a note and let’s get to work.


It’s nice to meet you

Let’s chat; you better believe we will be excited to hear about you and your organization, we’ll also take some time to share the details about how we partner with clients and help them look like gifting gurus. We’ll take time to chat through your goals and how you wish to implement gifting into your game plan. From there, we will have enough initial info to put pen to paper and map out the next steps.


Game Plan Creation

 All successful projects start with a strong game plan. After the initial discussion, we’ll take the reigns and begin pulling together a list of to-dos or a proposal of potential gifting options based on your objectives, budget, and recipients.


The Green Light

This the best part, it means we are one step closer to making a lucky group of people very happy. Once you let us know how you wish to move forward, we’ll firm up the details, cost, timeline, and off we go!


Let the fun begin

Each package is hand-assembled, personal notes are written, bows tied, and delivery plans take shape. We can deliver in bulk to your office, coordinate delivery via a courier, or ship directly to the individual’s home or office.


The Round-Up

This is our version of a feedback loop. We want to know the details because if we are not trying to improve, then we are doing you a disservice.

Let’s Do This